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Big thanks goes out to Artifact Skin Co. for allowing us to use their stunning imagery for this demo theme. Below is a little bit about them, in their own words:

"Artifact Masques are infused with the elements of aroma, memory, place and beauty traditions from across the globe. Evoking the idea of escape, each masque draws from an ingredient, place and its story. We lovingly create products that will complement and enhance the full experience of daily skincare. Always striving to inspire and to be inspired. The masques are packaged in white glass jars enclosed in sun-washed colored paper tubes, with a minimal sea and voyage inspired design. Drawn from the concept of floating buoys that have drifted a long way overseas and have set ashore, these “artifacts” carry with them stories and maps of their discoveries.

We are a skin-loving company, with a specialty in facial masques. Our products are thoughtfully made by hand in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients. We are explorers, dreamers and makers. We travel the world in search of stories and transform them into beautifully designed and culturally inspired skincare."